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What I think the Wolf camp looks like


This is going to be a short little FanFiction about one of my wolves Moonlight who is Edme's fourth born pup in her first litter, she is also Heep's Gyre Soul. In this Fanfiction Moonlight struggles between love for he father and the maddness Heep has planted in her soul. This Fan Fiction is by 3moons, please do not edit without her permission. This Fan Fiction was Coded by 3moons. Happy Reading! :D


Chapter one: The Fourth Pup-Foalan[]

Work In Progress

As Foalan paced outside the cave he wondered Would any of his pups bem-NO! There not cursed anymore! he reminded himselfThen would any of his children be Twisted pups? Then an odd feeling crept into his paw Would any of his pups be Gyre Souls it seemed likely with no less then two Parents who were Gyre Souls.

chapter two: Moonlight, Moonbright-Moonlight[]


chapter three: Heep's Return-Moonlight[]